Convection Toasts

Our inspired in-house Convection Toasts highlight specific aromatic components, creating distinctive flavor profiles and enabling them to be used individually for emphasis. This collection gives winemakers an endless variety of blending options.

Fire Toasts

Our personal house method of toasting over an open oak flame recreates the full complexity of a fine oak barrel. We’ve created two precision fire toasts – our medium and medium-plus toasts – that serve as a backbone for our seven convection toasts.

Butterscotch: Sweet, smooth, complex butterscotch, dulce de leche and candied syrup notes. Coconut: Velvety coconut and rich macadamia nut flavors. Extreme Caramel: Rich, sticky flavors of bubbling sugar, caramel apple and crème brûlée. Extreme Vanilla: Clean, smooth flavors of vanilla extract; like French vanilla ice cream. Medium: A classic and light toast that imparts a sweet harmony of coconut, creamy vanilla and yeasty grilled bread notes. Medium Plus: A slightly heavier toast that imparts a traditional, timeless blend of vanilla and roasted almonds with hints of marzipan, amaretto, cloves and nutmeg. Smokey: Gripping, substantial notes of coffee bean, dark chocolate, hickory and bacon. Spicey: Intriguing anise and delicate ginger interwoven with notes of star anise and cinnamon sticks. Vanilla: Soft vanilla extract and vanilla bean notes.